Cyan Chat

The Kid-Friendly Social Website!

Cyan Chat Rules

Hello and welcome to Cyan Chat. This is a site used for meeting new friends and talking to them.
We have a few guidelines we need you to follow for Cyan Chat to become enjoyable for everyone.
. Please do not use bad language. We are sure not everyone is 18+
. Please do not cyber-bully anyone. We want everyone to be happy
. Don't post anything you will regret. It will probably bite you in the butt.
. Do not share too much personal information. It could lead you into having a stalker.
. Do not claim to be a Moderator, Administrator, or Site Owner. It can be annoying to others.
. If anyone is bothering you, please tell Cyan. He can most likely handle the situation.
. Please do not online date! This is not eHarmony folks!
. Please do not have off-site links! The only links allowed are Cyan Chat and Youtube
. If you use the forum, please post about the topic it is about, not just anything you want
. Please use proper grammar so people can understand you.
Please do not spam each other's inboxes. I'm sure others will find it annoying.
. When it comes to posting pictures, never post pictures of you in real life, or gross pictures!
. Have fun!

NOTE: If you refuse to abide by these rules, your account will be terminated!